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Zhejiang Hongbo Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Build a well-known brand of Chinese electric power, and promote the progress of electric power technology and products

      Zhejiang Hongbo Power Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise which integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing and installation and is engaged in comprehensiveness of the electrical field. Through years of development and struggle, our company has made a leap transformation. Our production process can accord with ISO9001 Quality Assurance System by virtue of modern scientific management, advanced production and inspection equipment as well as perfect product after-sales services. Our company has successively passed ISO9001-2008 Quality Certification, CCC Certification and Voluntary Product CCC Certification.
        In the tenet of “Science and technology constitute the primary productive force”, our company constantly increases technology content of products. “Science and technology create perfect products” is the struggling objective of 

     every staff in Hongbo Power. Our company is mainly divided into five divisions: Box-type Substation Division, High & Low-voltage Complete Division, Power Transformer Division, High-voltage Ring Main Unit Division and Intellectualization Division. All the products manufactured by our company are tested and recognized by related authoritative departments, and will be widely applied in the fields of power, finance, telecommunications, hospitals, chemical industry, firefighting systems, residential areas and so on in succession. The manufacturing mode that our products have novel structure, are produced as required and meet individual needs of customers determines that our products can adapt to market development all the time. Pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services of our products are tracking links on which we focus. Customer satisfaction is our best wish.
        Hongbo people will constantly update the market philosophy. In the business philosophy of “Led by Technology, Develop by Quality” and the flexible mechanism of private enterprises, we will share the current long-term interests with our customers, to serve China electrical modernization together.



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A comprehensive private enterprise that integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing, and installation, and is engaged in the electrical field.

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Copyright © Zhejiang Hongbo Power Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved  浙ICP备15026275号-1  

Copyright © Zhejiang Hongbo Power Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved  浙ICP备15026275号-1