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Active filter device


original imported

The filtering effect is good, the main components are imported, the design margin is sufficient, the overload capability is strong, stable and reliable, and the service life is long.


Automatically suppress overload

The device is independent of the grid impedance and system impedance, independent of grid impedance and system impedance changes, automatically suppresses overload and has no resonance risk.


Soft start

The soft start scheme is adopted to eliminate the disturbance to the power grid at the moment of the retreat, realize the impact-free start of the power grid, automatically detect and track the harmonic changes of the power grid, and do not need to be manually guarded.


Fully modular design

Fully modular design, self-diagnosis and self-recovery function, complete protection function and operation status record, installation, debugging, maintenance, retreat and other operations do not affect the user's normal power supply.


No grid radiation

The radiation to the grid complies with the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility standard.


Product description

H-Bright-APF series low-voltage edge filter is the latest generation of all-digital harmonic elimination equipment independently developed by our company. It has special advantages compared with traditional technology, faster, smaller, more powerful, easy to install and easy to debug. Convenience, these advantages make it easy to solve power quality problems. In addition to dynamically compensating for harmonics, the product can also perform reactive power compensation and solve power quality problems such as voltage fluctuations and flicker. At the same time, this series of products adopts the most advanced control technology to achieve full automation control, which is the first choice for eliminating harmonics.


Second working principle

APF uses power electronics technology. The main components of the device include: controller, converter, DC support capacitor, and connected reactor. The APF control system includes DSP+FPGA, command current calculation circuit and current tracking control circuit to realize functions such as parameter setting and control command acquisition.


The APF detects the load current through the current transformer and extracts the harmonic components in the load current through the internal DSP calculation, and then sends the PWM signal to the internal IGBT to control the inverter to generate a harmonious load. The harmonic currents are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. The harmonic current is injected into the grid for filtering purposes.

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