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Series (filter) reactor


Pure dry structure, resin casting, with secondary protection temperature control switch.

It adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet, high insulation grade winding, low temperature rise, low loss, low noise and strong overload capability.

The vacuum pressure impregnation technology is adopted to make the winding and the iron core firmly and perfectly combined, the corrosion resistance is strong, and the electrical performance is more stable.



Capacitors in the reactive power compensation loop are often affected by harmonic currents, switching inrush currents and overvoltages, causing capacitors to be easily damaged. Therefore, a certain proportion of reactors are connected in series to suppress and absorb some harmonics, which can significantly improve the power supply system. Reliability and stability, in many cases, such as when the harmonic content of the power grid is large, the reactors matched with the capacitors must be connected in series.


The role of two reactors

1. Suppress harmonic amplification and filter out a certain proportion of harmonics

2. After precise matching, a passive filter is formed in series with the capacitor to accurately filter out a certain harmonic.

3. Suppress the inrush current when the capacitor is put in, and protect the capacitor and other devices.

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