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SC(B)11 Three-phase Resin-insulated Dry Type Power Transformer


Product introduction

SC(B)11 epoxy resin cast dry power transformer has high/low voltage windings encapsulated by epoxy resin insulation, epoxy resin and glass fiber insulation materials, self-extinguishing property, thermal conductivity and flame retardant Good performance. The low-voltage winding is double-layered cylindrical or copper foil wound, and the high-voltage winding adopts a segmented cylindrical structure. The larger-capacity winding is provided with a cooling air passage in the middle of the winding to reduce the winding temperature and expand the heat-dissipating area. The winding is degassed and cast/dry under vacuum, and forms a solid cylindrical whole after solidification. The insulation performance is guaranteed, the ampoule distribution is uniform, the short circuit resistance is strong, and the lightning strike resistance level is high. It will not generate arc due to short circuit, and it will resist cracking and high temperature. The resin will not produce toxic and harmful gas at high temperature, flame retardant, explosion-proof and non-polluting environment, which can enhance the mechanical/electrical strength of the product and prolong the service life of the product. The new products are widely used in urban and rural power grid construction and renovation projects, high-rise buildings, business centers, hotels, residential quarters, tourist attractions, theaters, ports, airports, subways, box-type substations and other transmission and distribution systems. It is especially suitable for high-temperature fireproof and explosion-proof requirements, large load fluctuations, and dirty or special environment such as pollution/humidity. It can operate safely and reliably for a long time under 100% humidity or under normal working voltage, thus reducing the power failure maintenance belt. The loss and trouble, the new products make up for the defects of oil-immersed distribution transformers.


Model and meaning

Model and meaning


product structure

The new product has advanced performance level, and selects the “11” type technical index. Compared with the GB/T10228-2008 standard, the no-load loss is reduced by 20% on average, the no-load current is reduced by 70% on average, and the load loss is reduced by 10% on average. Reduced by 10dB, energy saving and environmental protection, in line with national industrial policies and technical policies.

The new product is flame retardant, explosion-proof/corrosive, non-polluting and can be installed in the load center. It has good moisture resistance and can operate safely and reliably at 100% humidity. And the overload capacity is strong, and the rated capacity can be increased by 20~40% when forced air cooling.

High/low voltage winding epoxy resin is vacuum cast, crack resistant after gel curing, high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength. The high/low voltage winding has a uniform distribution of ampoule, strong short circuit resistance and high lightning strike resistance.

The partial discharge of the new product "10pC, good insulation performance, high electrical strength, prolong the service life of the product.

The new product has automatic temperature monitoring and protection functions, and can provide different levels of protective enclosures (IP20, IP30) according to requirements to prevent human and accidental accidents and facilitate indoor use.

The new product is small in size, light in weight, easy to install and maintenance-free.


Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters


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The ordering party shall provide the following data related to the product to the company when ordering.

1. Model specifications

2. Rated capacity

3. Number of phases

4. Frequency

5. Voltage combination / tap range

6. Joining group label

7. Short circuit impedance

8. Cooling method

9. Shell protection level

10. Other special requirements / conditions of use

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