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SC(H)10-10KV Vacuum Impregnation Dry Type Power Transformer


Product introduction

The SG (H)10 dry power transformer is a three-phase non-encapsulated (open) vacuum-impregnated dry-type power transformer. The high/low voltage windings are insulated with NOMEX paper-clad and subjected to H-class non-flux insulating heat-resistant paint vacuum pressure. Impregnation, high temperature curing treatment, using advanced VPI vacuum pressure impregnation process, compared with the traditional F-grade epoxy resin cast dry power transformer, not only the different insulation materials used, design ideas, electromagnetic / mechanical / Temperature rise calculation, structural arrangement and production process have also undergone major changes, and its insulation heat resistance grade, partial discharge measurement, load overload capability and adaptation to the external environment have been greatly improved and improved. Therefore, it will be a new product for the replacement of epoxy cast dry power transformers. It can be widely used in load centers with high fire safety and environmental protection requirements (dust, moisture, and pollution), such as high-rise buildings, business centers, hotels, residential areas, tourist attractions, ports, airports, subways, and box-type substations. Waiting for transmission and distribution systems.


Model and meaning

Model and meaning


product structure

Green and environmental protection: The high/low voltage winding of the new product uses NOMEX paper as the main insulating material to maintain excellent electrical performance and mechanical strength. The insulation grade selected is H-C (heat-resistant temperature 180°C~220°C), and the insulation is heat-resistant. High grade, self-extinguishing, flame retardant, flame retardant, etc. It can operate safely in humid, salt spray and other heavily polluted environments, and does not emit toxic gases when decomposed above 750 °C; high-voltage coils use a continuous structure. The low-voltage coil adopts a foil-wound structure, and the insulating paint film is thin. After the product life, the main materials such as copper can be easily recycled, without polluting the environment and not wasting resources. In order to reduce the noise of the product operation, elastic silicone rubber components are placed between the core and the coil, the core and the clamp member, and the support member.

Advanced technology: high/low voltage coils are subjected to vacuum pressure dipping, baking and curing processes. The paint film penetrates into place, is uniform, and has strong adhesion. After forming, the surface is bright and crack-free, and the coil has high mechanical strength and impact resistance. Strong; and the high-voltage coil adopts continuous type, low-voltage coil adopts foil winding type and adopts high-strength ceramic support, which greatly improves the short-circuit bearing capacity and reliable safety of the product;

Enhanced overload capability: Due to the thin insulation layer of the high/low voltage coil, the multi-airway structure/radiation and honeycomb structure has a significant cooling effect, low operating temperature rise, strong product overload capability, and can be used during peak load periods of 120. % nameplate is safely operated under capacity.

Reduce manufacturing costs: Because the new product structure is different from epoxy resin casting transformers, the design is flexible, and there is no need to consider the influence of mold external processing. In particular, the production cycle of non-standard products can be shortened by more than one week, and delivery is timely to meet customer requirements.

Complete product configuration: Provide protective enclosure and temperature control device according to need; perform air-cooling, thermal protection intelligent control, real-time monitoring - adopt three-phase temperature automatic control system, with CPU interface to implement remote monitoring through the network.


Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters


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The ordering party shall provide the following data related to the product to the company when ordering.

1. Model specifications

2. Rated capacity

3. Number of phases

4. Frequency

5. Voltage combination / tap range

6. Joining group label

7. Short circuit impedance

8. Cooling method

9. Shell protection level

10. Other special requirements / conditions of use

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