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Outdoor Ring Net Box QHB


Product introduction

With the continuous development and progress of the society, China's urban power grid has undergone tremendous changes, and most cities have formed or are forming numerous power-intensive areas. In the past, the power supply method from the substation 10kV line (or branch line) to the direct user has been difficult to meet the requirements of urban development. Therefore, a new power supply mode is generated, which supplies power to the user through opening and closing. However, as the degree of urban intensification has intensified, some of the original civil-type opening and closing houses have been restricted by land and urban planning. Therefore, a more advanced and practical power distribution equipment has emerged as an outdoor small intelligent opening and closing station. Outdoor ring network cabinet). This opening and closing station does not require civil works and has a small footprint and a very flexible configuration. The power supply method is more reliable. The construction, installation and commissioning time is greatly shortened, and the overall cost is reduced.

With the development of modern industry, the automation and intelligence of electrical equipment control is getting higher and higher, using modern electronic technology, sensor technology, communication technology, computer and network technology to monitor and protect power equipment under normal and accident conditions. Integration, control, measurement, etc., to achieve good management, has become an inevitable trend and development direction.

The intelligent small opening and closing station (outdoor ring network cabinet) adopts the European opening and closing scheme, 10kV switchgear, circuit breaker, load switch, current CT, voltage transformer PT, FTU, RTU, communication control terminal ) CCU, 10kV metering and automatic meter reading, UPS power supply and indicating instruments are installed and debugged into a removable, sealed and moisture-proof stainless steel box. Thereby, the integration of the primary and secondary systems in the urban distribution network and the modularization of the assembly are realized. Shortened the construction period. Greatly improve the reliability of urban power grid operation.


Model and meaning

Model and meaning

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters


Conditions of Use

a. Use place: outdoor

b, adapt to the ambient temperature: -35 ° C - +55 ° C

c, the highest daily average temperature +40 ° C, the highest annual average temperature +35 ° C

d, wind speed: no more than 35 m / sec

e, relative humidity of the air: "90% (+25 ° C)

f, ground inclination "5 °

g. Earthquake tolerance: the seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees

h, no fire, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and severe vibration at the installation site

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