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HB900-1 Environmental Control Cabinet
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HB900-1 Environmental Control Cabinet

More and more power distribution facilities of the State Grid have been put into operation, and the requirements for the amount of information are getting higher and higher.
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More and more power distribution facilities of the State Grid have been put into operation, and the requirements for the amount of information are getting higher and higher. With automatic monitoring, intelligent monitoring system screens for the transmission of current affairs information have emerged.
The HB900-1 automatic control and monitoring system is a control platform specially developed for power distribution facilities. It has developed a series of control modes based on a new concept and combined with the actual operation of the site. It can be programmed according to the requirements of different users. , To achieve satisfactory results.
Function and working principle:
1. Humanized cooling function: The monitoring system can detect the indoor ambient temperature at multiple points and the operating temperature of the equipment, turn on and stop the exhaust cooling system in time, provide an economical and energy-saving operation plan, and improve the operation of the equipment Years and safety performance.
2. Unattended function: Through the infrared detection system, the abnormal entry information is transmitted to the management personnel, and the sound and light alarm system is used for deterrence. Only allowed staff can release the access control alarm.
3. Timely accident alarm: After the operation of the power equipment fails, the monitoring system can timely feedback the operation status to the competent authority through the collection of smoke, sound and light.
4. Real-time monitoring of water level: Collect the water level around the power equipment, solve the risk of water intrusion for low-lying terrain, start the drainage system in time, and record the real-time change information of the water level.
5. Image monitoring: The camera monitoring system can record throughout the day, automatically turn on indoor lighting, or according to needs, record regularly, large hard disk, enough storage space, and save image data as needed.
6. Real-time synchronous transmission: Through Ethernet or GPRS, information text or image data can be transmitted, which is convenient for the control and management of the superior switch station.



Technical parameters and working principle:
Structure and its components: communication management machine, measurement and control device, video system, display, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), battery online monitoring system.

1: Communication management machine
19-inch, 2U-high industrial-grade embedded computer, with 16 I/O acquisition ports and 4 control outputs, 8 RS-232/422/485 serial port modules and 4 10/100 Mbps network communication modules , Gigabit Ethernet port, support redundant network, 1 GHz processor, front-side bus frequency 400/533 MHz, equipped with PCI slot, can be used to expand peripheral equipment. The host has a built-in monitoring system software, equipped with a full-featured screen configuration program and system configuration program.
The communication management machine is an embedded monitoring server that integrates acquisition modules, communication modules, alarm modules, storage modules and monitoring software. It can centrally monitor and manage UPS, air conditioning, power distribution, temperature and humidity and other equipment and environment in the computer room. . Built-in monitoring software, can work independently, no need to be equipped with a special PC, can achieve collection, analysis, control, storage, query, alarm and other functions. It supports multiple alarm methods such as sound and light, voice, telephone, short message, etc., and supports complete remote monitoring and management functions and WEB browsing operations. It can also easily realize the network cluster monitoring of multiple computer rooms.


2. Measurement and control device:
16-channel switch value passive contact input, photoelectric isolation, external load power supply can be DC24V/12V, AC220V.
External loads include temperature sensors, infrared detectors, smoke detectors, water level controllers, buzzers, small exhaust fans, water level detectors, buzzers, alarms, dehumidifiers, remote power supplies, etc.


3. Video system:
2 to 4 million pixel-level infrared high-definition high-speed camera. Can be selected according to needs. Support Ethernet control and analog output at the same time • Support 128G SD/SDHC/SDXC card storage.



4. Display:
Full touch screen display, protective frame-type dust-proof touch screen, higher strength than ordinary screens, touch life, more than 50 million times. It can also be equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse.


5. UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and battery online detection:
19-inch rack structure, flexible installation. Equipped with battery packs, 36V100AH, 100V60AH, and many other options are available, and the battery can continue to supply power when there is no city power.


External sampling and control equipment:
1. Smoke
2. Water level detector
3.SF6 pressure sensor
4. SF6 gas detector
5. Infrared beam monitor
6. Air conditioner and dehumidifier, ventilation facilities
7. Sound and light alarm equipment
8. Other sampling equipment can be added according to user needs.

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