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HB9000 Environmental System Monitoring Screen


As more and more power distribution facilities were put into operation in state grid, higher and higher information standards are required, and the intelligent monitor system screen with automatic monitoring and transmission of information is emerged.
HB900-1 automatic control monitoring system is a control platform special for power distribution facilities, which develops a series of control modes in new concept and in combination of site actual operation situation, and can realize programming as different user requirements, and the results are satisfactory.


Function and Working Principle:
1. Humanized cooling function: The monitoring system can start or stop the exhaust cooling system in time by detecting ambient temperature at different points of room and the operating temperature of equipment. This provides an economic and energy-saving operation scheme, and also improves service life and safety performance of equipment.
2. Unattended operation function: Infrared detecting system can be used to transmit the abnormal access information to administrative staff who will trigger the sound-light alarm system for deterrence, and the access alarm only can be relieved by the permissible staff.
3. Timely accident alarm: After power equipment has operation troubles, the monitoring system can feed back the operation situation to the competent department by smoke and acousto-optical acquisition.
4. Real-time monitoring of water level: To collect the water level around the power equipment is helpful to eliminate the risk of water invasion for low-lying land by timely start of drainage system, and it can record the real-time changes of water level.
5. Video surveillance: The video surveillance system can realize all-day recording and automatic open of indoor lighting, or realize recording at specific time as needed. It has a super hard disk to provide enough storage space, and can save video as required.
 6. Real-time synchronous transmission: By Ethernet or GPRS, it can transmit informative text or video material, which is convenient for control supervisor of upper switching station.



Technical Parameters and Working Principle:
Structure and components: Communication manager, measuring and control device, video system, display, UPS (uninterrupted power supply), and battery online monitoring system;

1.Communication manager
The 19inch 2U high industrial embedded computer has 16-channel I/O ports and 4-channel control outputs, eight RS-232/422/485 series port modules, four 10/100 Mbps network communication modules and one 1Mbps Ethernet port, supports redundant network, has 1 GHz processor and front side bus frequency of 400/533 MHz, is provided with PCI slot, and can be used to extend peripheral equipment. The host computer is provided with built-in monitoring system software, full-featured image configuration program and system configuration programs. 
The communication manager is an embedded monitor server that integrates acquisition module, communication module, alarm module, memory module and monitoring software, and is used for centralized monitoring and management of UPS, air conditioner and power distribution equipment in the machine room and environment such as temperature and humidity. The built-in monitoring software can work independently, and can realize functions of acquisition, analysis, control, storage, inquiry and alarm, with no need for a special PC. It supports various types of alarm such as acousto-optical, voice, telephone and short message service, as well as full remote monitor and management function and WEB browse. The networking cluster monitoring for more machine rooms can be realized easily. 

 Communication manager


2.Measuring and control device:
Electrical independent contact input of 16-channel switching value, optoelectronic isolation, and external load power supply DC24V/12V, AC220V;
It is externally loaded with temperature sensor, infrared detector, smoke detector, water level controller, buzzer, minitype exhaust fan, water level detector, buzzer, alarm, dehumidifier, remote power supply, etc.

Measuring and control device

3.Video system:

A 2-4 mega-pixel infrared HD high-speed camera is optional as needed. It supports Ethernet control, as well as analog output, 128G SD/SDHC/SDXC card storage.

Video system


4. Display:
Touch screen monitor, protective frame type dustproof touch screen, high strength than common screen, and service life more than 50 million times.
It can be matched with wireless keyboard and mouse.


5.UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and battery online monitoring:
19inch rack-mounted structure, flexibly installed. It is provided with a battery pack, more solutions such as 36V100AH, 100V60AH and others are available. It can continuously supply power by batteries under the circumstance of no mains supply.

UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and battery online monitoring

External sampling and control equipment:
1. Smoke detector
2. Water level detector
3. SF6 pressure sensor
4. SF6 gas detector
5. Active infrared intrusion detector monitor
6. Air conditioner and dehumidifier, ventilation facility
7. Sound-light alarm device
Other sampling devices are available as user needed.  

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