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Series (filter) capacitor


Secondary protection device

The H-type capacitor terminal lead-out structure is of a large current type, and is mainly used for large-capacity applications, and can be used for a maximum of 35 mm2 wire. The new safety explosion-proof structure is adopted, and the terminal adopts a modular structure of the building block, and the appearance thereof is more beautiful and exquisite, and the inside of the product is an inflatable structure. The performance is stable and reliable, with high surge resistance and meeting the highest environmental protection requirements.


When the system overheats the capacitor due to grid harmonics, overvoltage use, etc., the structural capacitor will output a control signal, cut off the switching switch, enter the over-temperature protection state, and prohibit the capacitor from being put into the grid until the environment is reduced to an acceptable range. In order to transfer to the working state, to extend the detuning compensation and tuning filter system of the series connection of capacitors and reactors, the secondary protection circuits of multiple capacitors can be used in series to avoid the deviation of the tuning point caused by the failure of one or more capacitors. , causing a certain harmonic current to amplify, causing the system to collapse. Forcibly withdraw the system from the working state until the repair is completed, to prevent the accident from expanding.

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