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YBM-12 Prefabricated Substation


Brief introduction to the products
YBM-12 Series Prefabricated Substation, also known as the Continental gox一Type Substation, is a set of electrical high一voltage, power transformers, low voltage electrical equipment in one compact set of power distribution unit. The device has a set of strong, compact structure, small such as model size, ease of movement, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, attractive features ing, in particular, applicable to municipal public distribution, high一rise buildings, residential quarters, industrial and mining enterprises, ports, oil fields, parks,stations, airports, subways, highways and other places of power, which is a new type of variable power distribution device.

Brief introduction to the productsBrief introduction to the products





Product Structure
The prefabricated substation is the basic structure of high一voltage electrical equipment, power transformers and low voltage electrical equipment in a chamber with a shaped layout of A of B of C "A"
type compared with the "B" or "C" type; "A"-type connection is moreconvenient. 5o most of the "A"-type arrangements are adopted, but the”B”or "C“一shaped arrangement of the structure is more compact,especially in a restricted area of the installation plane, the selection of”B”or "C"-type structure is more favorable.
The box of the prefabricated substation is of a sealed structure. The whole structure of the material can be high一quality steel, aluminum alloy plate, composite color steel plate, stainless steel plate or glass fiber reinforced cement board etc. For the coordination with the environment, most of the boxes have adopted the glass fiber reinforced concrete boards of non一metallic shell.
The high-voltage switching equipment of the prefabricated substation can be selected according to user's needs as air type, air pressure type, vacuum一type load switch, SF6 load switch or vacuum circuit breaker. The high-voltage switchgear with the "Five Anti" function can meet with the needs of the terminal,ring network or the mode of dual power supply. The power transformer of the prefabricated substation can be chosen non-gold alloy transformer, full一sealed oil一immersed transformer or dry-type transforme r.which can be fitted with gas protection and temperature control protection.
For the low-voltage switch of the prefabricated quality switches can be selected. The compensat substation, the ABB. Schneider and domestic high一ion types of the capacitors can be realized a total compensation, sub-compensation, all sub-compensation or zero-crossing switching functions.
The high and low voltage input and output lines of the prefabricated substation are generally cables.For the special needs of the high voltage, the overhead input line can be selected. In the substation, the human-hole for the convenience of installing cables are equipped. In the independent installation chamber the lights are installed, which can be turned on and off automatically with the door.

Product StructureProduct Structure


Conditions of Use
Height above sea level≤1000meters
Ambient temperature -30℃~+40℃
relative air humidity does not exceed 90℃%(+25℃)
The product should be installed at the site free from fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.
Beyond the provisions of the present technical conditions, it shall be dealt with by the user and the manufacturer.

Dperation and Maintenance
The use, operation and maintenance of the high-voltage switch should be carried out according to the Instruction Manual. After many times of operations, the main contat of the air circuit breaker in the low-voltage electrical equipment would be partially burnt or carbonized to increase the contact resistance. So the air circuit breaker should be maintained regularly according to the Instruction Manual. A preventive test of the arrester should be conducted prior to the annual storm season.
The energy metering unit should be calibrated regularly according to the requirements of the power supply department.
Check regularly the operation of transformer for its cooling systems, automatic temperature monitoring,the top oil temperature or coil temperature( for dry-type transformers). The operation and maintenance of the equipment should be carried out by qualified electrical professionals.


The reference foundation drawing of the box一type substation is provided by the manufacturer according to the project. The user can make design by itself according to the requirements, but subject to communication with the manufacturer.
Bury the lightning conductors at one side and around the foundation of the box-type substation. The earthing and lightning protection grounding of the transformer can be a common grounding system. The grounding lines led to the foundation platform of the box-type substation should be no less than two lines and the grounding resistance should be guaranteed to be less than or equal to 4 Ω(R≤4Ω)
The gap between the base and the foundation of the box-type substation should be sealed with cement mortar to prevent rain water from entering the cable room.


ordering Information
The customer should provide us with the following data concerning the products:
A.The model of the products
B.Operating conditions
C.The types and capacity of the transformer
D.Main wiring proposal for high and low voltages and the type and parameters of the electrical components
E.Shell dolor
F.If there are other requirements, the customer can submit while ordering.

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