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WXF Cable Branch Box


Brief introduction to the products
The 0.4kV Outdoor Low-Voltage Cable Junction Box is widely used in the three phase low-voltage power
distribution system of the substations, industrial and mining enterprises, both sides of the street, garden residential
living quarters, high一rise buildings, airports and major construction projects as stereotyping equipment assembly
for power distribution.

Structural Characteristics and Functions
Anti一Gel,filthy-resistant,used for a variety of harsh environment
Flexible combination; strip一type fuse load isolation switch or plastic shell circuit breaker protection can be selected;
Outdoor installation, compact structure, small volume;
Glass fiber reinforced polyester or stainless steel can be selected as materials for the box;
Grey or army green can be used for the box or according to the requirements of the users.

Technical Parameters
Rated Working Voltage (V):交流220/380
Rated Insulation Voltage (V):交流500
Main Incoming Line Rated Working Current (A):630, 400, 250, 160
Rated output Working Current (A): 400 , 250 , 160 , 120 , 100 , 80 , 60 , 40
Rated Frequency (Hz):50
Protection Level:IP34D
Height above Sea Level (m):≤2000
Pollution Level: 3

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