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GCS AC Low-voltage Withdrawable Switch Equipment of Complete Set


Brief introduction to the products
The GCS is suitable for power plants, transformer substations, petrochemical sectors, factories and minings, hotels and high一rise buildings. Such as low-voltage power distribution systems, power distribution and motor control centers, electrical capacitance compensation control centers and the capacitance switching, distribution and control of the capacitance compensation.It can meet the special needs of the computer interfaces in the low-voltage power control centers and the motor control centers of the power plants and petrochemical industries with large single machine capacity.
According to the requirements of the Ministry of Electric Power, the majority of users and the departments of design, for meeting the needs of capacity increase, computer interface, power centralized control, easy installation and maintenance and shortening the time needed for accident disposal, on the principles of safety, economy and reasonableness, we have designed the novel low-voltage draw out switchgear, which is charaterized by its high capacity for breaking and connecting, good dynamic stability flexible combination of programs, novel structure and high protection level. It cab be also used as an upgrade and update product of the low-voltage draw out switchgear.


Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Structural Characteristics and Functions
The main framework is of structures of the 8MF profile steel and part welded. On the main framework there are modulus holes for installation. E=20mm.
The fuctions are strictly separated. The separated cabins are of units, buses and cables. They are relatively independent.
The devices didn't adopt the traditional design of placing the main horizontal buses on the top of the switchgear, so that there are cable channels on the upper and lower part of the cable cabin
The dimensions of the switchgear are as follows:

Structural Characteristics and Functions

Conditions of Use
Ambient Temperature ≥ -50℃ ≤+40℃;Average temperature within 24 hours ≤ +35℃.
Height above Sea Level ≤ 200Qm.
For installation. the tilt of the vertical surface does not exceed 5°
The environment should be free from the pollution of corrosive, flammable air or vapor and the place without hazardous explosion.


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